Thursday, November 8, 2007

Racist and sectarian venom of Peer

Racist and sectarian venom of Peer

For the NSW TDA to have appointed Faruque of all people as media manager,regardless of how desperate they were to fill the position, was an act of lunacy. To have a fanatical Muslim.

Faruque claimed that Ali, the alleged rapist, is being denied the "natural justice of presumption of innocence" yet all the media has said is that he is "alleged" to have raped the girl and repeated what was said in court.However, it would not be surprising if the public has formed the view that he is guilty as sin especially given his lying to police about having sex with the girl. His lawyer would have told him that police was likely to find forensic evidence that he had and to come clean.

Obviously Nelson is of the view that Ali IS a rapist. That is obvious from his list of questions below.

> Here are a few questions Ahmed may like to ask his fellow country man.> 1. Why was he anywhere near Beverly Park if the girl wanted to go from> Flinders St to Sutherland?
No Ross, she didn't want to go to Sutherland. She wanted to go to "a suburb in the Sutherland Shire" which Beverly Park is.

> 2. Why did the girl complain to police if she¹ wanted it¹?
Maybe she was "embarrassed" too. Ali's problem is that even if she led him on but changed her mind at the last minute and told him to stop, and he didn't, legally he has still committed rape. As it is his word against hers,unless police has downloaded camera images, it will be up to the jury.

> 3. Why did he take advantage of a drunk girl even if she did consent?
You are not a hot blooded 21 year old Ross. Maybe you never were, or you would probably understand. But yes, it was unprofessional, and Ali or any other cabbie caught having sex in his cab with a passenger, drunk or not,should IMO lose his driver authority.

> 4. Does his Ĺ’cultural views¹ say that it is OK to rape white girls> before he is married?
You are presuming that he did rape her.

> 5. Has he got a driver's authority?
Good question. And if so, for how long had he been in Oz and driven a car here before he got it?

> 6. How bloody stupid do you have to be to commit a serious crime after> running up the arse of another car then driving around in that damaged cab?
Again you are presuming he committed a "serious" crime.

> 7. Is it OK to lie to Police just because he is embarrassed?
Obviously not.

>8. What sentence is inflicted on filthy scum rapists in Bangladesh?We don't know yet if Ali is a "filthy scum rapist" so why use the term?What I should like to know is why on a Sunday morning the whole thing took from midnight to 1.30am. The trip would have been less than 1/2 an hour.Also, how did Ali manage to "force" the girl into the back seat? SMH claims the girl flagged down a passing cop car. The Tele that she dialed000. Which is it.
Yeah, there are many more questions. No doubt they will all be answered in court. In the meantime Ali is definitely guilty of one thing - dirtying the image of all cabbies. For that he should be tarred, rolled in feathers and hanged by his balls until they drop off. Maybe the networks could add that to their by-laws.


Source: NSW TDA Forum
with a less than cordial relationship with the media as spokesperson for the association will cause considerable damage to its reputation.

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