Thursday, November 8, 2007

Congenital Racist and Fascist Peer Lindholdt’s supremacist attack

Congenital Racist and Fascist Peer Lindholdt’s supremacist attack

I received this message from Faruque yesterday and expect it on the NSW TDAForum in due course. It illustrates clearly why he, while possible a valuable committee member, is the wrong person to be spokesperson for the association.

> For the time being I am avoiding disgusting Peer Lindholdt's RACIST and> SECTERIAN attacks on me. He is well-known for his racist and sectarian views> and expressions.

Evidently, to criticise or disagree with Faruque automatically makes one RACIST and SECTARIAN.If I or anyone else label him "a fanatical Muslim" he has only himself to blame.

Reading his various utterings, especially on the Web, and especially about Zionists, it becomes instantly clear who is racist and sectarian. He and his likeminded mates do more harm to the standing of Australia's moderate Muslims than anyone. Faruque knows I like him as a person despite his racist propaganda. But,that is becoming harder and harder when he insults peoples families and makes totally unfounded, often outrageous allegations.


Source: NSW TDA Forum

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