Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jimmy West’s investigation exonerated Faruque Ahmed.

Jimmy West’s investigation exonerated Faruque Ahmed.

Cabbie Rights wrote: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 20:42:49 +1100

Members of the Ctee,

Having arrived home today after the Ctee meeting and seen below, it would seem from looking at the email in the context that of the "'To and From'" parts of the emails that are displayed below the line, it is obvious to me that Faruque did not post the obscenities to our NSW TDA FORUM. He posted directly to Ross Nelson. Now as a private individual writting a reply to all sorts of vilification by Mr. Nelson towards him personally. who in my humble opinion kept this sorid affair of forum and wrote a private reply, no matter what explicit language used, was a private reply and correspondence between two taxi drivers.

The fact that Faruque was prevoked beyond human endurance, however, keeping his reply private to Mr. Nelson shows good judgment. What a person chooses to say to anyone in private correspondence is a matter between the sender and the recipient of that correspondence. If you will note below it is not Farouque that is posting to NSWTDA Forum these obscenities but Ross Nelson, who in my opinion, as I stated at today's committee meeting, is acting contrary to the interests of the NSW TDA and endevouring to discredit a committee member.

I respectfully ask as agreed at today's meeting that the moderator of Forum take the steps that were discussed today re our forum.I also suggest that in view of the information contained below the line that we the committee owe Faruque Ahmed an apology for subjecting him today to unecessary embarasment and stress.I as a committee member will be the first to apologise to Faruque.

Faruque, as the email that our President produced correctly showed that you addressed the matter to Exec and not Forum for discussion of Nelson's conduct. Mate, I am truly sorry that you were subjected to uneccessary and what I consider a great waste of not only committee time but yours as well.You acted correctly and used the Exec to bring this to the attention of the Ctee. I cannot explain why our president reacted the way he did and only he if he can explain if he sees fit to do so can do.I maintain that if you wish to have a personal argument with Nelson, "Off Forum" and not involving any NSW TDA stationary, that it is your privilege and right to do so. Anyone telling you and judging you for what you do in your private life is totally "out of order."I defy anyone, telling me, that I cannot have an argument with anyone in a private manner, that I cannot do so all because I am elected member of some committee.

That to me is people, utter and total bullshit!It is Ross Nelson that is reproducing private correspondence on NSW TDA forum with obcenities included and it is Ross Nelson that the committee, if they so desire should be taking action against. NOT Faruque Ahmed!My strong recomendation is that the Ctee takes whatever action necessarry against Ross Nelson. Ernie's suggestion of polls on Exec could be put to good use on this matter and thus avoid wasting again precious Ctee Meeting time on this deliberation. I will leave the the construction of the Poll to Ernie as he is the Forum Moderator and Forum is not my responsibility as your website manager as the comittee decreed.

Jimmy West
Committee member.

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