Friday, November 16, 2007

Coward’s Castle Is Not Safe

Source: Free America Now

Red is my contribution.

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:
RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] Zionist Hadid

Well how about this… a ‘not very religious’ Muslim, Ahmed, who says he is a Muslim to continue his hate campaign against the country that gave him refugee shelter, has a go at a devout, practising Muslim; Mohammed (Mick) Hadid.

Do you like present an iota of evidence to justify your totally false and fabricated allegations against me in this paragraph above! My religion is mine and your religion s is yours. Therefore, why the hell do you bother about my religiosity? I haven’t asked about yours! Isn’t it sufficient enough to prove your insecurity and bigotry?

I have NEVER heard or read racist stuff from him. He is genuine in his faith.

Again do you like to identify and present an evidence of racism in any of my statements! Remember Muslims and Arabs are Semites!! So, please don’t try with anti-Semite crap and display your further ignorance.

As an atheist who was brought up by loving devout Christian parents I respect people of genuine religious belief.

I don’t care one way or other!

I hate all hypocrites.

Evidently, except yourself.

Give me a pure of heart Muslim before a creep who wears an “I love Osama” tee shirt any day.

I have asked you before to present any evidence in support of your claim regarding “I Love Osama” tee shirt. I also asked you earlier, “if you know your father (other words if you are not a bastard) then present evidence or shut up”. So, the question is, “why the hell are you taunting me with totally baseless and ill-motivated accusations”?

Do you like to call your beloved John Howard, ASIO or other organizations for assistance? Remember, Howard and Ruddock made unsuccessful attempts to stop my blogs!

Jools tries to raise funds to finance an on-going association and is expelled… Ahmed writes hateful racist rubbish and is the media manager.
Where is scam bag Jools and allegedly homo erratic Bradley’s ill-gotten $50,000.00 from the Mac Bank? Are they deposited in the ATDA account or NSW TDA account?

Fair Dinkum.

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:
Oh dear!! Now you are fighting amongst yourselves!! What a hopeless bunch of knuckleheads!!
Cheers Bruce

Ungrateful and opportunist Bruce,

That’s why you lot deserve the gas chamber! Remember, you lot were kicked out from more than 2800 places in more than 2800 times! Oh, what about “pond of flash, no more no less”?

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Zionist Hadid ,

The Zionism is worse than Nazism. The Zionism is also older than Nazism and in fact the Nazis found out and borrowed many dirty tricks and techniques from the Zionists and therefore Zionists are responsible for many of Nazi atrocities! That’s why you are not allowed to talk about it in many European countries. In order to improve your knowledge base I am introducing “The Sacred Cow”. Read it carefully and try to find out, consciously or unconsciously you have become a Zionist.

You see, the longest running concentration camps known to mankind are located inside occupied Palestine! This slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine is much more painful than Hitler’s one!! Like you, a denial of such does not solve the problem. So, you too have to answer my questions instead of personally vilify me based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

--- In, MICK HADID wrote:
you not worth any commet all commeette and members please see your media manager how much sick he is be readiy to have your say soon

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Zionist Hadid,

You are a very example of an Arab Zionist! The Zionists got no leg to stand on morally, legally or otherwise. So, what do they do? They resort into personal insult and attack, manufacture evidence and arguments! They also sink into racism, fascism and sectarianism like glass jaw terrorists!! Would you believe, you are doing the same!

You are a looser Mick.

Your `cult leader' was not NSW TDA's Treasurer. He appointed himself in that position without any one's consent due to his premeditated and questionable motive. He took money from the NSW TDA account without proper authorization and explanation. He has bankrupted the TDA account. He himself was bankrupted only three times in the last 12 years. He used and abused his position and acted against wish and interest of the NSW TDA members.

Jools also instructed that Zionist Treasurer to destroy all financial documents of NSW TDA!

As I said, shonky Mick don't make noise like a donkey. Please forward independently audited Treasury Report of the NSW TDA before you open your stinky mouth.

Donkey Mick, tell me, what have I gained personally by involving in the taxi drivers' movement?

Yes Jimmy and no one made a decision to moderate me. However, sometimes my post are appearing and sometimes disappearing! Even posts are appearing without my consent! Do you call it ghostly business?

--- In, "Jimmy" wrote:

You were at the Committee Meeting Faruque, Forum is now to be moderated by Brian and Ernie. END OF STORY.

--- In, MICK HADID wrote:


i have the ADAB. as respect to those wana know the word. and i was the one who brought the law of respect .you chose to ignore and dump the law because you are a total fool and idiot. and the NSWTDA should kick you out. you no benefit to any one or any cause nothing but a total blind to the truth of the life of the NSWTDA. in principal again piss off you twist of brain go away filssy tong go and imagine some where else and be amuse two on your one

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Moderator or any BLODY soul,

Since when and under what directive Faruque was moderated? Why the hell some time Faruque's posting appears and not appears at all?


Supreme Court and membership has spoken. End of the story.

Since than who, when and under what law made a decision to override the institutions mentioned above?

I am prepared to talk about taxi issues at a taxi forum. Should any one wish to talk about any other issues then please welcome to any non taxi forum of your choice!

Zionist Mick,

Do you like to drink your own piss? Have you forgotten the Arab "adab"!

--- In, "Cabbie Rights" wrote:


Attention Forum Moderators,

Why is this sort of nonsense appearing on Forum Please?I was of the understanding that Forum moderation was to be reintroduced? As much as I opposed it, I am begining to agree that it is necessary.Opps sorry Teddy, am I letting the cat out of the bag again, Is the re introduction of Forum moderation a deep down secret?Or is posting a forgery allegedly from the President of the NSWTDA the norm. I refer to your post an official letter from both the President and Secretary of the NSWTDA.Reminds me of an illegal letter that Ted posted advising members of an illegal GM or SGM on NSW TDA stationary back in July 2006.Sheesh, is it any wonder our Saftey Sub Committee cannot do what they set out to do.One of the members is pre occupied with Nazis, war, Howard, Isralies etc..... God help us all!


--- In, MICK HADID wrote:
again piss off sick head??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

I don't deserve a lecture! In reality, those who have been allowing defamatory and inflammatory postings against me in my own NSW TDA Forum and refusing me to post a right of reply in the same forum deserve lecture. No more nice guys. Time has come to show real face(s).

--- In, "Ted Hirsch" wrote:Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement


Why is this post on Exec?Is the Committee supposed to approve it or agree? You don't explain.Why do you write this childish stuff ?It does the image of the Media Manager no good and it harms the image of the TDA. It is selfish of you when you should be promoting the image and the many issues of the TDA which are much more important than your personal disputes.( For example : You have presumed about staggered change overs after I told you that there are strong conflicting opinions about that from other Ctee members and possibly members, which you could canvass in Exec debate and possibly at the General Meeting to ascertain members feelings. ) You have advised the Committee to ignore the Jools mob. Good advice.But you more than anyone should heed that advice and ignore them ! Please IGNORE them !I have said these things to you before, now I write them on Exec as a Committee member.


A perfect argument from an "Arab Zionist"! Hitler did wrong things to us, so we do have the right to conduct genocides after genocides, holocaust after holocaust even though the Palestinians were not a party to any of those crimes!!

By the way, I was unable to post my response in my own forum. Yet, you found out about it and successfully responded to me without any problem! May I ask, what the hell going on?

--- In, MICK HADID wrote: you are a brain less you and toufic who staffed the meeting when the all necessary papers where going to be produce so all the blame on you dry face............

Should you wish to receive a proper reply of your brainless question, please produce a properly audited financial statement of the NSW Taxi Drivers Association while your cult leaders were at the helm!


what extra bux from you and i the state tax cofin has to pay them and ahmed what he know has no familly like us or bills just himself and part time again he has no idea at all how taxi drivers keep bateling on that his fair share of the fair to the bus and the train

----- Original Message ----- From: union_faruque To: Saturday, November 10, 2007 6:23 PMSubject: [NSWTDAFORUM] SIMPLE TRANSPORTARITHMETIC

Of course 1000 extra bus divers and 100 train drivers would have to be paid overtime to work those nights. Good one Faruque, Now what will Taxi Drivers get for their trouble?A Fair Share of a Fair Fare? I wonder.............


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