Thursday, November 8, 2007

Frustrated Faruque Ahmed privately responded with constraint

Frustrated Faruque Ahmed privately responded with constraint

On 06/11/2007, union_faruque <union_faruque@...> wrote:

According to 2GB news (8.00 pm) the driver claims that he had consented sex with her and his lawyer said, "it is his word against hers"! I think we should know more and ask a few more questions.

My response to a racist mother fucker

Listen you mother fucker, the NSW Police report's 123 pages were dedicated against your hero and alleged child molester Alan Jones for inciting the Cronulla riot alone. This prick seeks his moral guidance from toilets blocks of London. Should you wish to worship him then go ahead and keep doing so, but, do not bother me again. Oh, please do not talk about my so called peers and their practices because a racist son of a bitch like you is incapable of knowing them in the first place. I am saying this because of your track record of the past and present.

Radio 2GB is a well known hate machine. Your beloved 2GB's night time presenter Jim Ball has given me the right to call him "mother fucker" instead of debating any issues with me. He did so in front of a few witnesses! If you have any doubt then please examine the world famous Media Watch of the ABC!

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