Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The ATDA of the Toilet Box

Jimmy quit, Mohammed quit, …” and now you will be able conduct your AGM at the local telephone box! By the way, you re also free to erect a statue of your ‘cult leader’ and kiss his feet as many times you like. We don’t believe in cult.

Do you know who gave you the existing safety equipments? It is us and not your cult leader!! Your cult leader is destroying what we achieved earlier. You lot are disgusting. You are enemy of taxi drivers.

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

A couple of days later and no comment.

Hardly surprising, given that there were so few people there.

Too few to make up the 25 needed to form a quorum.

Hence Hirsch clings on like a bit of snot.

Jimmy quit, Mohammed quit, Coates might.

Kumar was not there.

There were jugs of some coloured liquid that looked like cordial and some plates of food which were teed up by some morbidly obese bloke that I think is part of Turner’s Penrith glee club. He seemed to glug his way through a jug or two of the red liquid.

Impartial Porno Pete was there. I was very surprised that he did not support me when I questioned the suitability of Coates to be president.

Maybe Porno thinks that denying a driver his entitlements is OK. Just don’t raise funds to create a successful Taxi Driver support association.

In fact Porno did not say a word. He was looking rather lost and sheepish as he wandered around after the meeting.

Faruque Ahmed was there. No “I love Osama” tee shirt but a fine new perm and hair dye to complement his pot gut.

We were treated to some reports. $12K was proudly announced as the bank balance. Mostly from CMC lawyers (who donated money to help run the association.)

When you do nothing it does not cost much I suppose.

An appeal was made to suggest ways of spending or investing the money.

About the only action undertaken by the ramshackle and clueless committee was the attendance at a SACL meeting after a driver was attacked by the AFP.

My suggestion that drivers report every incident of bad behaviour by Airport security goons to SACL , MoT, Minister and McBank CEO got the response from Coates of …” We are trying to maintain a good relationship with SACL”.

The report presenters accepted questions about their reports, except for morbidly obese… he announced that he would not accept questions.

Then he told us about letters that got no replies.

The obvious conclusion from this sad gathering is that so long as Ahmed and Hirsch have anything to do with the committee the NSW TDA is dead.


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