Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The ATDA of the Toilet Box

Jimmy quit, Mohammed quit, …” and now you will be able conduct your AGM at the local telephone box! By the way, you re also free to erect a statue of your ‘cult leader’ and kiss his feet as many times you like. We don’t believe in cult.

Do you know who gave you the existing safety equipments? It is us and not your cult leader!! Your cult leader is destroying what we achieved earlier. You lot are disgusting. You are enemy of taxi drivers.

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, "Ross Nelson" wrote:

A couple of days later and no comment.

Hardly surprising, given that there were so few people there.

Too few to make up the 25 needed to form a quorum.

Hence Hirsch clings on like a bit of snot.

Jimmy quit, Mohammed quit, Coates might.

Kumar was not there.

There were jugs of some coloured liquid that looked like cordial and some plates of food which were teed up by some morbidly obese bloke that I think is part of Turner’s Penrith glee club. He seemed to glug his way through a jug or two of the red liquid.

Impartial Porno Pete was there. I was very surprised that he did not support me when I questioned the suitability of Coates to be president.

Maybe Porno thinks that denying a driver his entitlements is OK. Just don’t raise funds to create a successful Taxi Driver support association.

In fact Porno did not say a word. He was looking rather lost and sheepish as he wandered around after the meeting.

Faruque Ahmed was there. No “I love Osama” tee shirt but a fine new perm and hair dye to complement his pot gut.

We were treated to some reports. $12K was proudly announced as the bank balance. Mostly from CMC lawyers (who donated money to help run the association.)

When you do nothing it does not cost much I suppose.

An appeal was made to suggest ways of spending or investing the money.

About the only action undertaken by the ramshackle and clueless committee was the attendance at a SACL meeting after a driver was attacked by the AFP.

My suggestion that drivers report every incident of bad behaviour by Airport security goons to SACL , MoT, Minister and McBank CEO got the response from Coates of …” We are trying to maintain a good relationship with SACL”.

The report presenters accepted questions about their reports, except for morbidly obese… he announced that he would not accept questions.

Then he told us about letters that got no replies.

The obvious conclusion from this sad gathering is that so long as Ahmed and Hirsch have anything to do with the committee the NSW TDA is dead.


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3. Nitrogenous waste from a mental and

4. Debate with Idiots.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Coward’s Castle Is Not Safe

Source: Free America Now

Red is my contribution.

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, "Ross Nelson" wrote:
RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] Zionist Hadid

Well how about this… a ‘not very religious’ Muslim, Ahmed, who says he is a Muslim to continue his hate campaign against the country that gave him refugee shelter, has a go at a devout, practising Muslim; Mohammed (Mick) Hadid.

Do you like present an iota of evidence to justify your totally false and fabricated allegations against me in this paragraph above! My religion is mine and your religion s is yours. Therefore, why the hell do you bother about my religiosity? I haven’t asked about yours! Isn’t it sufficient enough to prove your insecurity and bigotry?

I have NEVER heard or read racist stuff from him. He is genuine in his faith.

Again do you like to identify and present an evidence of racism in any of my statements! Remember Muslims and Arabs are Semites!! So, please don’t try with anti-Semite crap and display your further ignorance.

As an atheist who was brought up by loving devout Christian parents I respect people of genuine religious belief.

I don’t care one way or other!

I hate all hypocrites.

Evidently, except yourself.

Give me a pure of heart Muslim before a creep who wears an “I love Osama” tee shirt any day.

I have asked you before to present any evidence in support of your claim regarding “I Love Osama” tee shirt. I also asked you earlier, “if you know your father (other words if you are not a bastard) then present evidence or shut up”. So, the question is, “why the hell are you taunting me with totally baseless and ill-motivated accusations”?

Do you like to call your beloved John Howard, ASIO or other organizations for assistance? Remember, Howard and Ruddock made unsuccessful attempts to stop my blogs!

Jools tries to raise funds to finance an on-going association and is expelled… Ahmed writes hateful racist rubbish and is the media manager.
Where is scam bag Jools and allegedly homo erratic Bradley’s ill-gotten $50,000.00 from the Mac Bank? Are they deposited in the ATDA account or NSW TDA account?

Fair Dinkum.

--- In freeamericanow@yahoogroups.com, "bruceksim" wrote:
Oh dear!! Now you are fighting amongst yourselves!! What a hopeless bunch of knuckleheads!!
Cheers Bruce

Ungrateful and opportunist Bruce,

That’s why you lot deserve the gas chamber! Remember, you lot were kicked out from more than 2800 places in more than 2800 times! Oh, what about “pond of flash, no more no less”?

--- In Sydney_TaxiCorruption@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Zionist Hadid ,

The Zionism is worse than Nazism. The Zionism is also older than Nazism and in fact the Nazis found out and borrowed many dirty tricks and techniques from the Zionists and therefore Zionists are responsible for many of Nazi atrocities! That’s why you are not allowed to talk about it in many European countries. In order to improve your knowledge base I am introducing “The Sacred Cow”. Read it carefully and try to find out, consciously or unconsciously you have become a Zionist.

You see, the longest running concentration camps known to mankind are located inside occupied Palestine! This slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine is much more painful than Hitler’s one!! Like you, a denial of such does not solve the problem. So, you too have to answer my questions instead of personally vilify me based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, MICK HADID wrote:
you not worth any commet all commeette and members please see your media manager how much sick he is be readiy to have your say soon

--- In Sydney_TaxiCorruption@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Zionist Hadid,

You are a very example of an Arab Zionist! The Zionists got no leg to stand on morally, legally or otherwise. So, what do they do? They resort into personal insult and attack, manufacture evidence and arguments! They also sink into racism, fascism and sectarianism like glass jaw terrorists!! Would you believe, you are doing the same!

You are a looser Mick.

Your `cult leader' was not NSW TDA's Treasurer. He appointed himself in that position without any one's consent due to his premeditated and questionable motive. He took money from the NSW TDA account without proper authorization and explanation. He has bankrupted the TDA account. He himself was bankrupted only three times in the last 12 years. He used and abused his position and acted against wish and interest of the NSW TDA members.

Jools also instructed that Zionist Treasurer to destroy all financial documents of NSW TDA!

As I said, shonky Mick don't make noise like a donkey. Please forward independently audited Treasury Report of the NSW TDA before you open your stinky mouth.

Donkey Mick, tell me, what have I gained personally by involving in the taxi drivers' movement?

Yes Jimmy and no one made a decision to moderate me. However, sometimes my post are appearing and sometimes disappearing! Even posts are appearing without my consent! Do you call it ghostly business?

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "Jimmy" wrote:

You were at the Committee Meeting Faruque, Forum is now to be moderated by Brian and Ernie. END OF STORY.

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, MICK HADID wrote:


i have the ADAB. as respect to those wana know the word. and i was the one who brought the law of respect .you chose to ignore and dump the law because you are a total fool and idiot. and the NSWTDA should kick you out. you no benefit to any one or any cause nothing but a total blind to the truth of the life of the NSWTDA. in principal again piss off you twist of brain go away filssy tong go and imagine some where else and be amuse two on your one

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

Moderator or any BLODY soul,

Since when and under what directive Faruque was moderated? Why the hell some time Faruque's posting appears and not appears at all?


Supreme Court and membership has spoken. End of the story.

Since than who, when and under what law made a decision to override the institutions mentioned above?

I am prepared to talk about taxi issues at a taxi forum. Should any one wish to talk about any other issues then please welcome to any non taxi forum of your choice!

Zionist Mick,

Do you like to drink your own piss? Have you forgotten the Arab "adab"!

--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, "Cabbie Rights" wrote:


Attention Forum Moderators,

Why is this sort of nonsense appearing on Forum Please?I was of the understanding that Forum moderation was to be reintroduced? As much as I opposed it, I am begining to agree that it is necessary.Opps sorry Teddy, am I letting the cat out of the bag again, Is the re introduction of Forum moderation a deep down secret?Or is posting a forgery allegedly from the President of the NSWTDA the norm. I refer to your post an official letter from both the President and Secretary of the NSWTDA.Reminds me of an illegal letter that Ted posted advising members of an illegal GM or SGM on NSW TDA stationary back in July 2006.Sheesh, is it any wonder our Saftey Sub Committee cannot do what they set out to do.One of the members is pre occupied with Nazis, war, Howard, Isralies etc..... God help us all!


--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, MICK HADID wrote:
again piss off sick head??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement

I don't deserve a lecture! In reality, those who have been allowing defamatory and inflammatory postings against me in my own NSW TDA Forum and refusing me to post a right of reply in the same forum deserve lecture. No more nice guys. Time has come to show real face(s).

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "Ted Hirsch" wrote:Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Re: A Properly Audited Financial Statement


Why is this post on Exec?Is the Committee supposed to approve it or agree? You don't explain.Why do you write this childish stuff ?It does the image of the Media Manager no good and it harms the image of the TDA. It is selfish of you when you should be promoting the image and the many issues of the TDA which are much more important than your personal disputes.( For example : You have presumed about staggered change overs after I told you that there are strong conflicting opinions about that from other Ctee members and possibly members, which you could canvass in Exec debate and possibly at the General Meeting to ascertain members feelings. ) You have advised the Committee to ignore the Jools mob. Good advice.But you more than anyone should heed that advice and ignore them ! Please IGNORE them !I have said these things to you before, now I write them on Exec as a Committee member.


A perfect argument from an "Arab Zionist"! Hitler did wrong things to us, so we do have the right to conduct genocides after genocides, holocaust after holocaust even though the Palestinians were not a party to any of those crimes!!

By the way, I was unable to post my response in my own forum. Yet, you found out about it and successfully responded to me without any problem! May I ask, what the hell going on?

--- In http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAEXEC/post?postID=zoV6_IC4q9NsmNYr-Pi8MiZeDpb7QFvlEUpP0mUi_ZJ32illISyR5-Mnb8PLCGArdoAYihgmI8TtvqoS8ijNcwcS6w, MICK HADID wrote: you are a brain less you and toufic who staffed the meeting when the all necessary papers where going to be produce so all the blame on you dry face............

Should you wish to receive a proper reply of your brainless question, please produce a properly audited financial statement of the NSW Taxi Drivers Association while your cult leaders were at the helm!


what extra bux from you and i the state tax cofin has to pay them and ahmed what he know has no familly like us or bills just himself and part time again he has no idea at all how taxi drivers keep bateling on that his fair share of the fair to the bus and the train

----- Original Message ----- From: union_faruque To: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAFORUM/post?postID=qVBjZ0BFD1Z7ncttXvyVMc875SujVE4YB2-et8oPGpzf-as0ofrvc1oC991xRxlhTz1IZioS7USYs2SLP6oK24sSent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 6:23 PMSubject: [NSWTDAFORUM] SIMPLE TRANSPORTARITHMETIC

Of course 1000 extra bus divers and 100 train drivers would have to be paid overtime to work those nights. Good one Faruque, Now what will Taxi Drivers get for their trouble?A Fair Share of a Fair Fare? I wonder.............


Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Proper Response to a congenital racist and fascist

A Proper Response to a congenital racist and fascist

The commonsense approach of Faruque Ahmed generated racist Ross Nelson’s response. Frustrated Faruque Ahmed privately responded with constraint due to the endless racist attacks of Ross. Ted’s honest approach failed to stop a useless time consuming debate during our committee meeting. Personal vilification of Ross due to the driver’s nationality continued to settle his score with Faruque Ahmed. Ross and Peer ignored the sub judice!

Jimmy West’s investigation exonerated Faruque Ahmed.

Ted Hirsch walked an extra mile to contain the situation. Nice Cabbie and his fair judgment failed to deter racist and sectarian attack on Faruque Ahmed! The racist and sectarian venom of Peer Lindholdt is getting stronger and stronger even in defiance of MICK HADID’s commonsense!

Congenital Racist and Fascist Peer Lindholdt’s supremacist attack generates a proper response!

However, Peer this is a taxi forum and please do not initiate a debate about non-taxi matters here! Should you or anyone wish to debate or discuss any issues then initially you are welcome to visit links below and place your comments as you feel fit and proper.

Surely Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, super Nazis, Rude and Violent Israelis, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!

Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!

Here a Muslim is Guilty for holding a placard but in Denmark these peoples are not guilty for depicting Muslims and their prophet as terrorists! Ironically, the same kinds of freedom loversZionism and Anti-Semitism, Zionism is worse than Nazism and If Americans Knew. Where is the consistency may I ask?

Congenital Racist and Fascist Peer Lindholdt’s supremacist attack

Congenital Racist and Fascist Peer Lindholdt’s supremacist attack

I received this message from Faruque yesterday and expect it on the NSW TDAForum in due course. It illustrates clearly why he, while possible a valuable committee member, is the wrong person to be spokesperson for the association.

> For the time being I am avoiding disgusting Peer Lindholdt's RACIST and> SECTERIAN attacks on me. He is well-known for his racist and sectarian views> and expressions.

Evidently, to criticise or disagree with Faruque automatically makes one RACIST and SECTARIAN.If I or anyone else label him "a fanatical Muslim" he has only himself to blame.

Reading his various utterings, especially on the Web, and especially about Zionists, it becomes instantly clear who is racist and sectarian. He and his likeminded mates do more harm to the standing of Australia's moderate Muslims than anyone. Faruque knows I like him as a person despite his racist propaganda. But,that is becoming harder and harder when he insults peoples families and makes totally unfounded, often outrageous allegations.


Source: NSW TDA Forum

MICK HADID’s commonsense

MICK HADID’s commonsense
--- In NSWTDAFORUM@yahoogroups.com, MICK HADID wrote:
RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] Re:Taxi Driver alleged rapist

peer is to an extent is correct and we need and must not speculate may be he is guilty and may be not we must wait until the case completed before the court and let the law define the guilty on booth side of the case not your guys or the media especially

Source: NSW TDA Forum

Racist and sectarian venom of Peer

Racist and sectarian venom of Peer

For the NSW TDA to have appointed Faruque of all people as media manager,regardless of how desperate they were to fill the position, was an act of lunacy. To have a fanatical Muslim.

Faruque claimed that Ali, the alleged rapist, is being denied the "natural justice of presumption of innocence" yet all the media has said is that he is "alleged" to have raped the girl and repeated what was said in court.However, it would not be surprising if the public has formed the view that he is guilty as sin especially given his lying to police about having sex with the girl. His lawyer would have told him that police was likely to find forensic evidence that he had and to come clean.

Obviously Nelson is of the view that Ali IS a rapist. That is obvious from his list of questions below.

> Here are a few questions Ahmed may like to ask his fellow country man.> 1. Why was he anywhere near Beverly Park if the girl wanted to go from> Flinders St to Sutherland?
No Ross, she didn't want to go to Sutherland. She wanted to go to "a suburb in the Sutherland Shire" which Beverly Park is.

> 2. Why did the girl complain to police if she¹ wanted it¹?
Maybe she was "embarrassed" too. Ali's problem is that even if she led him on but changed her mind at the last minute and told him to stop, and he didn't, legally he has still committed rape. As it is his word against hers,unless police has downloaded camera images, it will be up to the jury.

> 3. Why did he take advantage of a drunk girl even if she did consent?
You are not a hot blooded 21 year old Ross. Maybe you never were, or you would probably understand. But yes, it was unprofessional, and Ali or any other cabbie caught having sex in his cab with a passenger, drunk or not,should IMO lose his driver authority.

> 4. Does his Ĺ’cultural views¹ say that it is OK to rape white girls> before he is married?
You are presuming that he did rape her.

> 5. Has he got a driver's authority?
Good question. And if so, for how long had he been in Oz and driven a car here before he got it?

> 6. How bloody stupid do you have to be to commit a serious crime after> running up the arse of another car then driving around in that damaged cab?
Again you are presuming he committed a "serious" crime.

> 7. Is it OK to lie to Police just because he is embarrassed?
Obviously not.

>8. What sentence is inflicted on filthy scum rapists in Bangladesh?We don't know yet if Ali is a "filthy scum rapist" so why use the term?What I should like to know is why on a Sunday morning the whole thing took from midnight to 1.30am. The trip would have been less than 1/2 an hour.Also, how did Ali manage to "force" the girl into the back seat? SMH claims the girl flagged down a passing cop car. The Tele that she dialed000. Which is it.
Yeah, there are many more questions. No doubt they will all be answered in court. In the meantime Ali is definitely guilty of one thing - dirtying the image of all cabbies. For that he should be tarred, rolled in feathers and hanged by his balls until they drop off. Maybe the networks could add that to their by-laws.


Source: NSW TDA Forum
with a less than cordial relationship with the media as spokesperson for the association will cause considerable damage to its reputation.

Nice Cabbie and fair judgment

Nice Cabbie and fair judgment


If you re-read Faruque's original post on this matter you'll see that he is making a call for applying the presumption of innocence to the accused driver, and criticising the Telegraph and 2GB for, in his view, abrogating this presumption. He also makes a call for witnesses to the alleged crime.

At no time does he take the side of the driver, as you seem to be suggesting.

You, dearest Rossco, should cease acting for the prosecution in this matter and accord this driver his presumption of innocence, which is his legal right, and your legal obligation, until it is proven otherwise by the judicial process.I've included Faruque's post in full below for your reference.


Source: NSW TDA Forum

Ted Hirsch walked an extra mile

Ted Hirsch walked an extra mile Ted Hirsch wrote: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 09:22:27 +1100


Jimmy has done a highly commendable loyal job in tracing and persuasively explaining the sequence of emails in sticking up for you as a fellow member in your defence. Onya Jimmy !Notwithstanding that, the Committee opinion yesterday was that that sort of language is inappropriate and should not be used, regardless, be it privately or otherwise. I support that Committee opinion.

Another lesson from yesterday is that we now know that private emails could well be made public by troublemakers like Nelson etc. There is no answer to that one. Except that for some weeks Faruque has been advising the Committee to ignore Jools and his supporters.Perhaps Faruque, that is the right answer for us all, mate ignore the bastards !


Jimmy West’s investigation exonerated Faruque Ahmed.

Jimmy West’s investigation exonerated Faruque Ahmed.

Cabbie Rights wrote: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 20:42:49 +1100

Members of the Ctee,

Having arrived home today after the Ctee meeting and seen below, it would seem from looking at the email in the context that of the "'To and From'" parts of the emails that are displayed below the line, it is obvious to me that Faruque did not post the obscenities to our NSW TDA FORUM. He posted directly to Ross Nelson. Now as a private individual writting a reply to all sorts of vilification by Mr. Nelson towards him personally. who in my humble opinion kept this sorid affair of forum and wrote a private reply, no matter what explicit language used, was a private reply and correspondence between two taxi drivers.

The fact that Faruque was prevoked beyond human endurance, however, keeping his reply private to Mr. Nelson shows good judgment. What a person chooses to say to anyone in private correspondence is a matter between the sender and the recipient of that correspondence. If you will note below it is not Farouque that is posting to NSWTDA Forum these obscenities but Ross Nelson, who in my opinion, as I stated at today's committee meeting, is acting contrary to the interests of the NSW TDA and endevouring to discredit a committee member.

I respectfully ask as agreed at today's meeting that the moderator of Forum take the steps that were discussed today re our forum.I also suggest that in view of the information contained below the line that we the committee owe Faruque Ahmed an apology for subjecting him today to unecessary embarasment and stress.I as a committee member will be the first to apologise to Faruque.

Faruque, as the email that our President produced correctly showed that you addressed the matter to Exec and not Forum for discussion of Nelson's conduct. Mate, I am truly sorry that you were subjected to uneccessary and what I consider a great waste of not only committee time but yours as well.You acted correctly and used the Exec to bring this to the attention of the Ctee. I cannot explain why our president reacted the way he did and only he if he can explain if he sees fit to do so can do.I maintain that if you wish to have a personal argument with Nelson, "Off Forum" and not involving any NSW TDA stationary, that it is your privilege and right to do so. Anyone telling you and judging you for what you do in your private life is totally "out of order."I defy anyone, telling me, that I cannot have an argument with anyone in a private manner, that I cannot do so all because I am elected member of some committee.

That to me is people, utter and total bullshit!It is Ross Nelson that is reproducing private correspondence on NSW TDA forum with obcenities included and it is Ross Nelson that the committee, if they so desire should be taking action against. NOT Faruque Ahmed!My strong recomendation is that the Ctee takes whatever action necessarry against Ross Nelson. Ernie's suggestion of polls on Exec could be put to good use on this matter and thus avoid wasting again precious Ctee Meeting time on this deliberation. I will leave the the construction of the Poll to Ernie as he is the Forum Moderator and Forum is not my responsibility as your website manager as the comittee decreed.

Jimmy West
Committee member.

Personal vilification of Ross due to the driver’s nationality

Personal vilification of Ross due to the driver’s nationality

Ross Nelson <rossnelson@...>

Here’s a little love letter from the NSW TDA media manager. I am sure that the litigious Mr Jones will be fascinated to learn of Ahmed’s opinion. Ahmed may like to ponder the fact that absolutely no charges have ever been laid by the hundreds of children that Alan has taught.Why? Because he did not molest any of them I suppose.No charges were ever laid for inciting a riot either. It is interesting to note that Ahmed had no complaints about the ‘low priority of assaulting women’ bit.

Am I to assume that Ahmed thinks that it is OK for a fellow Bangladeshi Taxi Driver to have sex (consensual or otherwise) with a drunk young woman passenger who just vomited? He has written that my wife and the Attourney General’s daughter are prostitutes. Make up your own mind about this scum who spits in the face of the country that gave him sanctuary.

Rossco Who will try to post the Tele article about the incarcerated Taxi Driver.

Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAFORUM/message/4477

Ted’s honest approach

Ted’s honest approach

Re: [NSWTDAEXEC] Re: Sexual Assault and Robbery

Committee members,

I am not sure which media reports Faruque is referring to.
And I'm confused as to what Faruque suggests (or has already) released to the media because he does not preface or explain his "Media Release" posts. However have just read today's Telegraph (Tuesday 6Nov07) and it seems like straight reporting.This will be a Court matter it seems.The content and tone of any NSW TDA Media Release must be therefore surely be correct and appropriate. Regardless of any talkback stuff. I suggest this be carefully discussed by the Committee at our Wed 7Nov07 Meeting before any Media Releases.


Frustrated Faruque Ahmed privately responded with constraint

Frustrated Faruque Ahmed privately responded with constraint

On 06/11/2007, union_faruque <union_faruque@...> wrote:

According to 2GB news (8.00 pm) the driver claims that he had consented sex with her and his lawyer said, "it is his word against hers"! I think we should know more and ask a few more questions.

My response to a racist mother fucker

Listen you mother fucker, the NSW Police report's 123 pages were dedicated against your hero and alleged child molester Alan Jones for inciting the Cronulla riot alone. This prick seeks his moral guidance from toilets blocks of London. Should you wish to worship him then go ahead and keep doing so, but, do not bother me again. Oh, please do not talk about my so called peers and their practices because a racist son of a bitch like you is incapable of knowing them in the first place. I am saying this because of your track record of the past and present.

Radio 2GB is a well known hate machine. Your beloved 2GB's night time presenter Jim Ball has given me the right to call him "mother fucker" instead of debating any issues with me. He did so in front of a few witnesses! If you have any doubt then please examine the world famous Media Watch of the ABC!

Racist Ross Nelson’s response

Racist Ross Nelson’s response

RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] Sexual Assault and Robbery
Standard HeaderFull Message View
Ross Nelson <rossnelson@...>
ViewMonday, 5 November, 2007 7:23:14 PM
To:union_faruque <union_faruque@... >

Now I know that Ahmed actually wrote something himself for a change.
2GB (Alan Jones mostly) has been by far the most supportive aspect of Sydney media for Taxi Drivers.

For the NSW TDA media manager to refer to them as `hate radio' is about what we have come to expect from this idiot.

The fact is that decent Australians are appalled by sexual assault or any assault of a woman.
Something that some of Ahmed's peers seem to put as a low priority.


The commonsense approach of Faruque Ahmed

The commonsense approach of Faruque Ahmed

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "union_faruque" wrote:

Sexual Assault and Robbery

Sydney's `hate machine' radio 2GB and Murdochian Telecrap have been screaming about this case in a derogatory manner. Naturally no one condones unlawful actions or behavior. However, no one should be denied natural justice, i.e. presumption of innocence.

I have spoken with the detective in charge (856 67 449) and he appears to be a nice person. The case number is H 3161 6875 and the file could be viewed at the Kograh Local Court.

If you know any more regarding this case please assist us if you wish.

Faruque Ahmed
Media Manager
Mobile: 041 091 4118 (Sydney, Australia)

Taxi driver charged with sexual assault
November 4, 2007 - 6:49AM

A taxi driver has been charged with sexually assaulting and robbing a female passenger after an early-morning cab ride through Sydney.

The driver was arrested at 1.30am (AEDT) on Sunday in his taxi on the Princess Highway at Kogarah, in Sydney's south, shortly after an 18-year-old woman escaped from the cab and raised the alarm with passing police.

Police allege the man sexually assaulted and robbed the teenager after picking her up from Paddington, in Sydney's inner-east.

A 21-year-old Wiley Park man has been charged with sexual assault and aggravated robbery.

He was been refused bail and is due to appear in Kogarah Local Court on Monday.
© 2007 AAP

Source: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAEXEC/message/2960 and NSWTDAforum