Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Australian Heroes and Their Dreams

Australian Heroes and Their Dreams

The NSW TDA Executive Committee has unanimously rejected Michael Jools's illegal, immoral, unethical and squarely false claims yesterday. The Committee also rejected all of those false complaints against Faruque Ahmed and therefore the Yahoo, Google or any other organistion must note and instantly reject Michael Joolse's frivolous and vexatious complaints. It appears the graduate of House of Australian Vagabond Dictators” Jools did not like Adolph Hitler to Ross Nelson! However, Jools or anyone is welcome to defend or refute any untrue claims/allegations made against him or anyone for that mater in any of these webs, blogs or newsgroups.

--- In NSWTDAEXEC@yahoogroups.com, "destodesperate" wrote:

For the information of Committee the following post is in the Pending tray at Forum. As I disagree with many aspects of its claims to factual reporting, IF it appears on Forum it should be responded to in quite some detail which I won't take time out of a shift to do now.

However I DO believe that you should all look very closely at the following:Your comments (ideally at Sunday's committee meeting)on whether or not it should appear on Forum at all are welcome.Ernie***********************************

From: "joolstaxi99" <http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/NSWTDAEXEC/post?postID=lxqSbl1Jcln6opUNgFDR0SkSIMbiAxkxv8PS7lfJLkmx_UewHHGtY2jNOQk9YuNj-G6rSXr9fE864v66QrmnbIIW>Date: Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:25 pmSubject: letter to NSWTDA joolstaxi99

Michael Jools
120 Evans St,

PO Box 322
Rozelle NSW 2039

Mr. Ted Hirsh
The Secretary


Alexandria NSW 2015

This letter is to express my concern for the future of the NSW TDA if it were to continue to be represented by such a pompous and incompetent fool as yourself, and such a malicious and irresponsible person as your committee member, Faruque Ahmed.

Two deposits of $40.00 each were made on 26th June to the account of the NSW TDA by me through the Commonwealth Bank. They had detail in account description of "joolsnelson" and "bradleyhadid" , and not of "julesnelson".

My Bank transfer system does not permit the use of an alpha numeric mix or of space slashes. The request to use the Taxi Authority number as a reference is not universally practicable. The form which seeks to verify membership detail was so ill prepared as to not contain the NSW TDA BSB Number, and the request is merely to return a `corrected' form. There is no particular reason to return an update form of which all details are correct, nor is this described as a renewal form.

The payments are not in respect of renewal applications for membership. They are payments for the renewal of membership of Michael Jools, Ross Nelson, David Bradley and Mohammed Hadid.

I note that Nelson and Hadid have both received new (and rather crudely altered) membership cards, although these have been denied to myself, Michael Jools (not `Jules') and Bradley. All four of us have however received communications from the TDA advising of an Annual General Meeting on Father's Day September 2nd which presumably were sent to all financial members. I expect to receive a membership card prior to the AGM.

These communications do not provide the normally expected details of Agenda, Treasurer's Report for consideration, Notices of Motion, nor the rather basic nomination form for elections.

I request also therefore that a proper Notice be sent, and one which includes all of the Notices of Motion now before the Committee. If you wish for comment on all or any or any parts of those Motions, please advise me so that I may prepare a comment to balance any comments the committee may wish to advise to members. Both such comments should of course be in writing and accompany the Notice of Meeting so that all members can be aware of proceedings.

That is the transparent and proper way.

Last year, when Hirsch moved and spoke in favour of his own suspension from the Committee, and rejected mediation from the Community Justice Centre, after he had called an illegal meeting, he then withheld all the minutes and records.

After last years' elections Hirsch, Ahmed and a few others disrupted meetings. They even called in the Police to disrupt a genuine taxi drivers meeting, which aimed at following the rules, and informing drivers about the state of the industry. They then suspended the President, but have refused to have a meeting for members to ratify their decision. Now Hirsch again refuse to have a mediation session with the Community Justice Centre as provided in the Department of Fair Trading's Association model rules. In the whole year there has not been a single General Meeting. And now we have a stuffed-up AGM.

The person, Faruque Ahmed, who posts unsolicited e-mails, blogs and forum –type under several different names addresses and pseudonyms, is certainly an "idiot savant", without the savant. His last few diatribes, some of which impute and claim relationship with the NSWTDA, and appear to speak on its behalf, reflect very badly on the sanity and commonsense of taxi drivers, and should be repudiated by the NSWTDA. I have contacted Yahoo to express these concerns, and of my personal concern at his defamatory and racially motivated attacks.

In the interests of taxi drivers self respect, and respect by the community towards taxi drivers, I suggest that this person be appropriately restrained.

Michael Jools Friday, August 10, 2007

By the way…. The ATDA has won a 6% Fare increase.

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